For those who don’t know “where I stand”

My Motto, Belief, Guide, Prayer, & Goal


For years & years, I have very often told students, “There are no mistakes in Art.  Only mistake is wasted time & talent.”  That’s how I see art and life.  Don't waste it.

A verse I claimed as mine when I accepted the Lord’s Gift of Salvation as a pre-teen is Colossians 3:23,

Whatsoever you do, do it wholehearedly, as unto the Lord, and not unto man.” 

It is a guide for my life:  I believe whatever we take on in life, whatever road the Lord leads us up, whatever choices we make, … we are commissioned to give it our all, and to do it for Him, His Glory, … not to impress “man”. 


My prayer is that students will belong to the Lord, seek His Will for their lives, follow it with His Guidance, and do it in the fashion He has indicated in His Word – wholeheartedly, for Him.


To that end, I have been led to offer instruction/opportunities for young, teen, & adult students -- especially homeschooled students.


I believe in The Trinity as One True God, Creator of the universe and life.  I believe in God the Father, Jesus God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  I believe in God’s Holiness, Righteousness, His Plan, His Redemption/Gift of Salvation, His Love, His Promises, His Word, ….


I’m thankful that at 12yrs old, two men came to our home to share God’s Word with my daddy.  Upon hearing the Good News, my father there & then knelt to his knees and accepted God’s Gift.  I’ve never been more touched.  Nothing has ever so impressed upon my heart as that moment in time.  After hearing the Good Word, while alone that evening I ‘chatted’ with God about His Plan of Redemption, repented and accepted His Gift in the dark quiet of my room.  I’m thankful to have heard the Word, felt the Spirit, and to have had that opportunity to accept Jesus Christ’s Salvation.  I’m thankful to have had such a powerful spiritual leadership as my dad to guide me in my walk with Christ throughout my teen years, that led me to a strong relationship with God through adult years.  I’m thankful to have celebrated my 50th redemption-birthday in His family March '11. 


My attempt, my goal in life is that all decisions in my family, art, business, and personal life be Guided by The Lord.  He can make even our ‘bumble’ into good.  If it is His Will, He will make possible the impossible.  I don’t want to be the deciding factor in whether you choose to join in the fun of these classes or not.  He Knows best.  Let Him Guide.


Be part of His family.  Be blessed in Him.  May His Will be done.

Jeanne Marie , a full-time professional artist and instructor , owner of Glass Aglow Studio , (as well as a web designer).
As a kiln-form warm glass Artist and Instructor, I work in and teach kiln-formed glass fusing, casting, and manipulating (slumping/draping/dropping, combing, cutting/carving into as bas relief, etc).

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