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As a citizen of this Republic of the United States of America,
I stand a conservative political individual.
In addition, I am a believer in God Almighty as The One True God,
and in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Because conservative views are not radically wild liberal socialism,
some individuals choose to label conservative believers as 'radical religious right-wing activist'.
If one wants to label me radically conservative, so be it.
My real stand is: "Be educated!"  "Don't believe everything you hear or read."  "Research thoroughly!"
As part of that belief, I will occasionally place a video, article, study, ... a finding that may be of interest to you.
(Scroll down, mouse over or click on videos &/or text.)
Stand up for America!

AGENDA: Grinding America Down
Full Movie FREE to watch for a limited time! from
Copybook Heading Productions LLC on Vimeo.

We the People

9000 lb Elephant in the Living Room

We Con the World
I firmly believe we are to love, support, and pray for Israel!

John Stossel:  Insurance makes Health Care far more expensive

Too many Regulations for Workplace

Looking to our future >> See Canada's Socialized Medicine

Health Bill Fast-Talk

I've heard, 13 million will still not have healthcare when this bill is all-said-and-done?
(from a liberal socialist Michael Moore)
Sad underhanded buisiness! with no thought or care of the People! Instead is a government frenzie to take more control of life ... and death!

Since the 60s law, EVERYONE GETS MEDICAL TREATMENT, and we all pay for it.
2010 Admin lies when they say 'poor are dying without healthcare'.

Be kind to this man, and listen to his talk to the end, please.
Part I:

Part II:

Article by John B Grahm:
Repealing Obamacare
Republicans had better have a smarter plan

John Stossel:  Schooling in America

Cut  VA Commission for the Arts  budget!

House Appropriations Committee WISELY cut VA Commission for the Arts budgets!
With plans of 50% Reduction by 2011!
And plans to ELIMINATE the Commission by 2012!

Q:  Who of you has EVER benefited from the tons of $ that runs thru Art Commission fingers?
Misappropriated taxpayer $ benefits only the Commission for the Arts Administration.
Hope you too will thank House Appropriations Committee for being wise stewards of our $.
ESPECIALLY in tight times, w/ more inevitable dropping economy in the forecast.

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