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 Click2Classes:  Irid Ice -- kiln-formed, heat-manipulated slumped platter of iridized glass by Jeanne Marie Tanks.  SOLD        "Pick Me Up-pa" -- oil-base paints kiln-fused permanently into glass panel by Jeanne Marie; Oils, lead, & other impurities burn off before glass is at molten stage, when pigments sink into glass (to depth of 1/3-1/2 thickness of the glass).  SOLD        Orchard Needs Mowing -- painting with fritted glass by Jeanne Marie Tanks.  SOLD
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I am a believer in God Almighty as The One True God,
I believe the Lord Jesus Christ was sent as the Messiah for all Jews,
and the Holy Spirit sent as Comforter and Guide to Believers in Christ.
I'm a citizen of this Republic of the United States of America,
standing a conservative.

"Be educated!"  "Don't believe everything you hear or read."  "Research thoroughly!"
To aide in that, I will occasionally place a video, article, study, ... a finding that may be of interest to you.
(Scroll down, mouse over or click on videos &/or text.)
Family Fun!

Operation Christmas Child
Armor of God song from 4goodtunes on GodTube

 God's Got an Army!

Revival In America!  >  Sends chills all the way to hell!

Satan Bite the Dust!

The Courtroom

,,, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bird with Broken Wing

This Blood is for YOU!

Happy Resurrection Day!

Sunday's Coming!

JESUS is the Lamb

Love, support, and pray for Israel!

Where Is the Lamb?

HE Lives!


Since I met HIM!

Shackles off my feet

GOD, Job, and satan

GOD's Reply!


A Change

Got To Tell Someone!

Adam, Where Are You?

Adam Where Are You?
I Don't Want To Be Late!

Praise Ye the LORD, ... HIS Mercy Will Never Ends

Love is ... an Act of Your Will

Everybody Else But Me

Have You Done What I Said?  For Your Sisters & Brothers

halloween 3:16 "slam!"

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